Rewards and Incentives

Grow Your Business with Our Custom Programs

Making your money go furtherAt Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions, we partner with our clients to engage customers, promote loyalty, and increase revenue. Our best-in-class discounts and programs can:

  • Offer relevant value to motivate your customers’ buying decisions
  • Be a standalone reward to let your customers know how much you value them
  • Create more opportunities for customer interaction
  • Provide added-value to help cross-sell and upsell your products and services
  • Be an incentive to renew a subscription or membership

How does it work?

We motivate desired consumer behaviors by tailoring offers to resonate with each target audience. Our comprehensive database of offerings from the United States and Canada allows us to customize reward and incentive programs for your customers based on their lifestyle, demographics, and location.

Did you know that 96% of U.S. adults are coupon users? It’s universal – people love to save money. We can help you provide relevant, tangible rewards that your customers truly value and remember.

Customized Rewards and Incentive Programs

Our rewards and incentive programs are unique to each client. We develop programs that will appeal to your customers while meeting your marketing goals. Key advantages of our programs include:

  • Ongoing benefits designed to appeal to your target audience
  • The choice of standalone or add-on programs
  • Easy-to-redeem reward options
  • Rewards platforms that are seamlessly integrated into your website or customer portal
  • Private-label programs that feature your brand and messaging
  • High value for a low per-customer cost
  • More than 500,000 exclusive discounts nationwide, from top brands and local merchants
  • Up to 50% off savings on dining, retail, travel, movies and more
  • Digital reward programs with flexible membership packages
  • Multi-channel formats, including email, direct mail, online, show-your-phone mobile apps and printable formats

What sets us apart?

We offer a name consumers recognize and trust. Entertainment® has been in the marketplace for over 55 years, and we have an extensive and established database of partners and best-in-class offers that feel as if they’ve been personalized for each customer.

Here are some stats:

  • Fifty-seven percent of polled consumers claim that they are given rewards by the brands they love.
  • Only 32 percent believe those offers are relevant to them.
  • Eventually, 34 percent abandoned a brand because they felt they received too many irrelevant offers over multiple channels and the messages were too generic and didn’t have a personal feel.

We combat that problem by making sure your customers get the offers they want and can use through the channels they prefer. So you can be confident you’ll see a real, measurable return on your investment.

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