Membership & Employee Benefits

Attract & Retain with Our Savings Programs

Fostering ongoing relationships with members and employees is vital to your business. We help you provide relevant value to your members and employees that engages them, encourages loyalty and commitment, and makes them feel appreciated.

Our nationwide deep discounts on dining, shopping, entertainment and travel are an attractive benefit to add to your employee rewards programs. And our offers can be used as a bonus to offset membership costs, which encourages new members to join and existing members to renew.

Membership Benefits

JoinOur effective, low-cost reward programs help you successfully attract new members and reward your current members.

We can help you create a targeted marketing program that is customized to motivate and reward your members. Our relevant, high-value, low-cost discount offers have assisted companies and organizations in many industries to engage and retain members.

Our offers can be used in many ways:

  • Drive member engagement with offers incorporated into your communications
  • Surprise and delight members to help build loyalty
  • Provide incentives to upgrade memberships
  • Improve customer retention rates by rewarding membership renewal

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Employee Appreciation & Benefits

PerksIt’s no secret that satisfied employees are more productive. People report that employers that make them feel wanted, needed and valued make them want to remain with the company, work hard, and deliver outstanding results.

Our solutions and offers can be incorporated into your employee appreciation and benefits programs to help make your employees feel valued. And when your employees feel valued, they’re more likely to be engaged and productive.

We can also integrate our offers into an employee wellness program to help drive healthy behavior among your staff.

Why choose us?

Brand Building: Our private-labeled solutions keep your organization and its value top-of-mind year-round.

Flexible Format: We deliver content when, where and how you want – mobile, digital, print and email.

Great Value: Our coupons feature best-in-class offers, including buy one, get one free and up to 50% off discounts.

Let Us Help You

For 30 years, Corporate Marketing Solutions has been providing discounts and promotions and delivering member rewards to Fortune 1000 companies.

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