Loyalty & Retention Programs

We Help You Build Brand Loyalty

Our Programs Work

A large telecommunications company wanted to retain high-value customers. They used a custom, geo-targeted coupon book as a “Thank-You” for their business, and they had a 15% lift in retention!

Loyalty and retention programs that work for you and your customers – that’s what we provide. At Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions, we help you reward your customers for their loyalty with discounts and savings on the things they like to do every day – shop, dine, travel and have fun. We provide surprise and delight marketing strategies that work. For example, you can incorporate savings offers into your communications, giving customers an unexpected thank you.

Reward Loyal Customers with Discounts

Our personalized reward and discount programs can be used in a variety of ways to support your loyalty efforts:

  • Strengthen an existing loyalty points system
  • Expand the diversity and relevance of rewards choices
  • Lower costs by replacing more expensive rewards programs
  • Surprise and delight your customers and show appreciation for their loyalty

Boost Your Customer Retention

RetentionEntertainment® has a robust network of discounts that can be used to create a new customer retention program or tie into an existing retention program.

By offering your customer’s ongoing savings for doing business with your company, you create a built-in benefit that your competition will find difficult to duplicate.

You can use our money-saving discounts in a variety of formats to enhance your customer retention strategy:

  • Prevent losing customers to your competitors
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Build greater brand loyalty with a tiered retention program

How Our Solutions Help You Retain Customers

You can retain your best customers and protect your revenue base by teaming with a trusted company whose name is synonymous with saving money: Entertainment®. Choose from more than 500,000 discounts and coupons for dining, shopping, attractions and more. Customize your retention program in a way that appeals most to your customers — everyday savings where they live and work.

Learn how we can help with your company’s customer loyalty and retention efforts.  1.800.450.8114