Acquisition Marketing

Grow Your Customer Base

AcquisitionGrowing your customer base doesn’t have to be costly. Entertainment® discount offers can make acquisition (and retention) simple and cost effective.

Customer acquisition starts with catching your future customers’ attention. Our customizable digital, mobile, and print products stand out in an over-saturated marketplace because they give your customers what they want. These value added incentives can help your company get noticed and bring in new customers.

Entertainment® offers work. They are enticing and useful – they help overcome any perceived risk of purchase by creating incentives that encourage customers to take action.

What separates us from the competition is that we highlight the core value and savings upfront. This helps capture customer attention and drive new customer acquisition.

Don’t Discount Your Brand, Use Our Offers 

Rather than discount your brand, which can be expensive, use our coupon database to:

  • Cultivate new prospects
  • Generate quality leads
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Expand online reach to more of your target customers
  • Turn prospects into customers
  • Upsell to acquire new business

Acquisition Programs That Work for You

Entertainment® is the leader in discounts and promotions and has been providing millions of consumers with money-saving coupons for the past 50 years. Learn how we’ve helped some of our clients with acquisition programs:

  • A Health Insurance Provider wanted to drive re-enrollment while also building brand loyalty and improving member satisfaction. Our customer acquisition strategy included a 40-page savings booklet for members that included healthy and active lifestyle offers. The first year was successful enough that they wanted to do it again, and the second year results were great. It improved conversion rate year-over-year by 13% and helped them acquire new members.
  • A National Financial Services Company looking to up-sell customers used our custom offer to drive response rates. They advertised the added benefit of the custom discount offers and achieved a 40% lift over test!
  • A Packaged Goods Company wanted to encourage sign-up for their membership club because they know it creates an opportunity for repeat customer engagement. They provided a custom offer to drive sign-up, and they achieved their 1 year target in only 6 months!

Learn more about how we can help with your customer acquisition programs. 1.800.450.8114