Solutions for Customer Engagement

Solutions for Engagement

Engaging your customers successfully requires tools that are relevant, unique, and well timed. We will partner with you to develop programs that reward, “surprise and delight,” incent, and thank your customers in three simple ways:

  • Making your customers feel respected, important, and valued
  • Providing relevancy and value in your customer communication
  • Reaching out to them at the right time through the right channel

Attract & Retain Customers with Our Discounts

Life CycleEveryone loves to save, so Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions develops customized, private-label customer engagement solutions for a wide variety of businesses. Our discounts and savings offers can be a used in many ways to support your marketing goals at any stage of your customer’s lifecycle.

Drive the desired customer behaviors that help achieve your marketing objectives:

Acquisition Marketing – Our digital, mobile and print products utilized as incentives encourage action. The products we offer create a high perceived value and generate opportunity for additional purchases or upgrades.

Loyalty and Retention Programs – Integrating our savings programs into your own loyalty and retention programs can add value to your customers and create additional stickiness. With our programs, you can surprise and delight your customers, which can lead to increased loyalty.

Membership and Employee Benefits You can incorporate nationwide, deep discounts on popular categories, such as dining, shopping, entertainment, and travel, as a value-added benefit of your membership or employee clubs and programs. We can even help you develop employee wellness programs.

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Reward and Incentive Programs – Use a stand-alone reward as a thank you to show customers how much you appreciate them. And offer relevant value in the form of deep discounts that truly motivate your customers’ buying decisions and behaviors.

It All Starts with a Conversation

Listen: We listen to your needs to understand the desired behaviors at key stages in your customer’s lifecycle. We gather information about your revenue goals, timing, budget requirements, branding guidelines and industry specific regulations.

Identify: We work with you to identify opportunities for engagement that will most influence customer behavior and determine when customers will be most receptive.

Develop: We develop an overall strategy to meet your marketing objectives and recommend specific programs based on your customer demographics and lifestyle attributes.

Implement: We implement relevant, targeted marketing campaigns that capture attention and create the desired behavior, choosing the platforms that resonate best with your audience: mobile, print and digital.

Measure: Finally, we provide back-end marketing campaign program metrics that demonstrate the ROI and performance against your marketing objectives.

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