Discounts by Email

Email Delivers Savings to Your Customers

According to TechnologyAdvice, in a survey of US adults, 39% report that the number one reason they read marketing emails is for promotions and discounts, and 24% say that marketers can improve their email efforts by providing personalized email offers.

Want to improve your email open rates while giving your customers great rewards? Entertainment® can help. By incorporating personalized promotions into your emails, you can boost the success of your email coupon marketing campaigns.

Entertainment® email messaging gets your company noticed. Local discounts embedded within the body of your emails make recipients 30% more likely to open your email and keep it on hand for future use.

Impactful, Personalized Email Programs


Your email communications can be used to:

  • Thank customers for a recent purchase
  • Reward customers for renewing their subscription or membership
  • Keep your brand top of mind and promote your loyalty program
  • Encourage recipients to take a specific action, such as “liking” you on Facebook

Your customers will appreciate the 1-1 matching technology that embeds local offers that are relevant and targeted to them. These types of emails have helped our clients achieve up to 40% open rate and 25+% click through rate.

Your customers receive significant savings, powered by your marketing communications, in close proximity to where they work or live.

  • Discounts include neighborhood offers with values including buy-one-get-one-free and up to 50% off, along with ongoing up-to-20% off discount offers.
  • Discount categories include dining, shopping, services, attractions, travel and more

Learn how we can help you develop and implement an email marketing campaign complete with customer rewards that will fit in with your marketing strategies.

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