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Trust Matters

EntertainmentFor more than 55 years, consumers have known and trusted Entertainment® to offer the best-in-class savings from merchants they want to shop with.


Win-Win-Win, the Triple Threat

We’ve developed a business model that’s unmatched in the industry. Because Entertainment® brings trusted value throughout the market – to our partners, to consumers, and to our merchant network – we consistently deliver high quality content.

Our win-win-win model offers the perfect balance of:

  • Significant consumer savings
  • Effective savings programs that provide added value for corporate businesses and our community fundraising partners
  • Increased, profitable sales for merchants

This balance keeps our merchant network stable in the form of high retention rates, best-in-class discounts, and with the Entertainment® name behind each offer, recognition at the point of sale.

Contracting Directly Makes a Big Difference

Our merchants contract directly with Entertainment®. This matters because it ensures we can deliver the broad market coverage, popular savings categories, and high-quality offers that set our discount programs apart. No one else has a fully contracted merchant network

With Merchant Networks, Bigger is Better

From national, well-known brands to independent local businesses, our merchant network is broad and deep – the largest and most extensive around. Backed by the Entertainment® brand, we work directly with merchants across the United States and Canada to secure over 500,000 merchant discounts – more than any other merchant network. Entertainment® merchants are in more than 10,000 cities and towns, covering more than 97% of the US population – and we keep growing.

    The best discount network in the U.S. and Canada.

    Plus thousands more exclusive local merchant offers.

Our Discounts are Easy to Access and Redeem

In addition to being relevant and providing real, measurable savings, our discounts are easy to access and redeem. We give customers the flexibility to use coupons and discounts in the ways that are most convenient. They can:

  • Redeem offers with their mobile device
  • Print coupons from their PC
  • Utilize print coupons from direct mail, newsletters and savings booklets
  • Shop online with our e-retailers and travel partners

Learn more about what makes Entertainment® the best in merchant content:

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