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Utility delivery is always evolving, and marketing utilities is evolving as well. So, what are the best utility marketing solutions to help you differentiate yourself in an ever-growing, competitive marketplace?

We have the answer.

Whether your business is power, natural gas, or even home protection warranties, we’ve got utility marketing strategies that help you provide your customers ways to get more for their money, building loyalty and improving retention along the way. Our incentive and reward programs have been proven to drive down costs and bring in more revenue.

Partnering with us is a great way to:

  • Engage your customers
  • Build brand loyalty and reduce customer turnover
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition in a positive way
  • Increase your revenue stream by adding value to your services and home protection programs

Several of our largest clients are utility companies who have had great success after partnering with us. Liberty Power is one example.

Liberty Power Builds Customer Loyalty

Liberty Power is now the largest independent retail electricity provider in the United States. Our team created a custom utility marketing solution that focused on customers who were nearing the end of their contract terms.

By implementing a high-value, geo-targeted savings program, we helped Liberty Power provide value-added incentives to drive sales and differentiate their company from the competition. To get the word out we created a multichannel marketing campaign that included email, social media, direct mail, and website communication.

Read the full case study.

Entertainment® CMS Helps Utility Companies

Achieving your marketing objectives can be easy when you partner with us. We take our robust collection of over 400,000 merchant offers and strategically deliver them to your customers to help achieve your utility marketing goals. Our customized, multichannel customer engagement solutions give you the ability to provide your customers with deep discounts on the things they buy and do every day.

CMS Helps Utilities

We can help you improve your customer engagement and strengthen their loyalty to you. Contact us today.  1.800.450.8114


Liberty Power Spotlight
Liberty Power Builds Customer Loyalty
Learn more about how the Entertainment® CMS team worked with Liberty Power to create a custom solution targeting customers nearing the end of their contract terms. The program achieved their goals for strengthening customer relationships and differentiating themselves from competitors.