Connect with Your Best Customers

Cable Company ProductsWhether you’re a cable, phone, satellite or internet service provider, you know the challenge of keeping customers and keeping them happy. How are you ensuring that your best customers are satisfied and want to stay with you? Are you looking for new ways to entice your customers to choose you for additional services?

Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions has worked with telecommunication companies throughout North America to build programs tailored to their needs and built to improve telecom customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using our popular, best-in-class Entertainment® discounts, a custom value-add savings program can truly motivate customers.

Our telecom loyalty programs can help:

  • Increase customer engagement by providing added value to your CRM programs
  • Reduce customer churn and increase retention
  • Increase customer acquisition with incentives and promotional programs
  • Improve customer service by using the program as a support tool
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors

Industry Issues and Opportunities

More than ever, customers want fast, reliable service at a good price, and they don’t typically have a lot of loyalty to one brand. Our programs provide telecom customers with high-value incentives to help keep them loyal – at a low cost to you.

It’s well known that providing exceptional customer service is a challenge, yet customers’ expectations for service continue to increase. We can help you meet – and beat – customer expectations with customized loyalty programs that deliver your customers incentives to stay with you and to bundle additional services into their current plan.

We at Entertainment® CMS deliver value-added CRM and savings programs that can increase brand loyalty, encourage customer engagement, and boost average revenue per user (arpu).

Best of all: Your customers’ savings will offset their monthly bills – and they’ll have you to thank.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your telecom marketing strategies and build a telecom loyalty program that works.  1.800.450.8114


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