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Drive Sales with Value-Added Marketing Programs

Change is a constant in the banking industry, and the pace of change has never been greater. The acceleration of digital, branch right-sizing, low interest rates, and greater competition from new players are just a few of the many challenges fueling industry change. Cultivating stronger customer relationships and delivering compelling products is critical to the success of banks and credit unions.

We will partner with you to energize your current rewards programs by integrating discount offers, and we can help improve or expand your acquisition, cross-sell, and retention marketing programs.

Reward Profitable Customers & Transactions

Our custom marketing solutions for banks and credit unions are designed to help you:

  • Enhance customer experience and create genuine loyalty with exclusive offers
  • Upsell and cross-sell new products and services with low-cost, high-value incentives
  • Provide local and national savings tailored to your unique banking segments
  • Provide a competitive advantage that will encourage customers to choose your services
  • Drive customers to digital with everyday, local savings integrated into your mobile and web portals

How Our Savings Offers Can Motivate

Our comprehensive database of over 500,000 savings offers in the U.S. and Canada provides the highest quality, most effective offers in the business. We will work with you to select the most relevant rewards for your target audience based on lifestyle, geographic location, theme, and demographics. Our low-cost solutions can deliver the engagement you’re looking for at a very favorable ROI.

Eastern Bank Rewards Customer Loyalty

One of our clients, Eastern Bank, is the largest and oldest mutual bank in the country and has grown to over 90 branches. They partnered with us to develop a holiday greeting card “Thank You” for their best customers. Their goal was to reward the most loyal customers for their patronage to engage and retain them in a competitive marketplace. The thank you cards included approximately $50 in promotional savings certificates to popular merchants in their area and a $50 Discount Dining Dollars certificate. The program was a success, yielding high usage of the savings and exceeding Eastern Bank’s expectations.

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Eastern Bank Spotlight
Eastern Bank Spotlight
Learn more about how Eastern Bank rewarded their best customers. Together we can create a loyalty program with measurable results, strong ROI, and improved member participation.