Publishers Drive Acquisition & Retention

Publishing ProductsThe publishing business is in the midst of disruption, and survival and prosperity depend upon adapting business models to add value for subscribers, increase subscription revenue and drive business forward. Publishing marketing strategies are key, and Entertainment® Corporate Marketing Solutions has customized publisher marketing programs for years.

Adding Value to Publishers’ Business Models

Saving money is a priority for most people in today’s economy. This is demonstrated by the 96% of consumers who use coupons. Publishing companies that help people save money are also building loyal customers and increasing subscriber retention. And our clients have the added benefit of providing savings opportunities to their subscribers at a fraction of the cost of most loyalty programs.

We can help you with a cost-effective, value-added benefit for your subscribers that will allow you to:

  • Retain existing market share and reduce subscriber churn
  • Front-load publisher acquisition efforts to keep your product competitive
  • Provide an incentive for one-year subscriptions
  • Gift existing subscribers who renew their subscription

CMS Has a 30-Year Record of Success

We will work with you to customize a savings program built around offers that your subscribers want. Whether you choose a booklet or digital savings program, we can private-label it to promote your brand.

You’ll work with us to select the offers that provide high-value incentives for your subscribers in your desired geographic locations – local, regional or national. And your loyalty program can be centered on a customized website that gives your subscribers access to thousands of additional discounts.

Our Publishing Experience is Strong

We have worked with a variety of publishers, like TV Guide, Book of the Month Club, Martha Stewart Living, city magazines and many of the largest newspapers across North America, to provide incentives and rewards that are both low-cost and perceived as high-value by consumers. We have supported a variety of publishing companies over the years to help them deliver relevant rewards that get results.

Increase subscriber retention while rewarding your customers. Contact us today to learn about our newest product offerings and pricing options.  1.800.450.8114