Employee Health & Wellness

Foster a Healthy Workplace with a Healthy Living Rewards Program by Entertainment®.

In line with the health care industry overall, employers are putting greater emphasis on preventative care and overall employee wellness. It’s clear that investment in a wellness program delivers positive results:

  • Increases health and wellness benefits usage, leading to a healthier workforce.
  • Decreases health-related time off and overall health care costs.
  • Helps drive employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Enhances overall value of the benefits package.

Boost your employees’ overall wellness and make them feel appreciated with a Healthy Living Rewards program – a discount and savings program powered by Entertainment®.

About Healthy Living Rewards

A Healthy Living Rewards program gives your employees access to 1000s of 2-for-1 and up to 50% off discounts on the things they do every day and that promote their overall well-being – healthy dining options, shopping, fitness, weight management, spa services, yoga, travel and so much more!

We work with you to customize and create your own private labeled savings program that is tailored to your brand, audience and goals.
Healthy Living Rewards

  • 1000s of 2-for-1 and up to 50% off premium discounts carefully selected to support an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Co-branded savings through your healthperks.com website.
  • Mobile coupon app where users show their phone to save. Makes saving on the go a snap!
  • Print and digital communications showcasing your brand and messaging.
  • Monthly emails and mobile push notifications to drive engagement.

How Our Programs Can Benefit You

Using rewards and incentives as part of a wellness program is proven effective at motivating healthy behavior. Our Healthy Living Rewards programs are customized to do just that – they combine select Entertainment® discounts with your program initiatives to drive engagement and results.

By rewarding employees with Entertainment® offers, they enjoy saving money on things they do every day and you’ll drive healthy behavior, including:

  • Completing a health assessment or risk screening
  • Joining a walking club
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Quitting smoking
Healthy Living Rewards
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 Using Rewards to Drive Employee Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs
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  • Impact of wellness programs on health care costs
  • Recommendations for using rewards to drive employee participation
  • Tips for implementing a successful rewards program
  • How to find the right partner
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Why Partner With Entertainment®

8 years of expertise successfully driving engagement and healthy behaviors with rewards.

Targeted Offers
Best-in-class savings, including buy-one-get-one and up to 50% off discounts, that promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

Custom Solutions
Turnkey to fully-integrated solutions developed for your audience and goals.

Multi-channel Reach
Content delivered when, where and how you want it to maximize engagement – mobile, digital, print and email.