Our Marketing Expertise Spans Multiple Industries

At Entertainment® CMS, we are marketing experts. We partner with our clients to develop acquisition, retention and loyalty programs that get the results they’re looking for within the budget they set.

Our customer engagement experts have experience in most every industry and have developed integrated industry marketing solutions to achieve marketing objectives across industries.

Developing and managing successful acquisition, retention and loyalty programs isn’t one-size-fits-all. These programs can vary greatly from company to company and industry to industry. Fortunately, we have experts who specialize in specific industries, which gives us a deeper understanding of industry guidelines and regulations and helps us develop programs that work within those industries.

Choose Your Industry for More Information

Don’t worry. If your industry is not listed, we can still help. While these are the most common industries we serve, you can benefit from our services no matter what industry you’re in. Because we customize our programs for each organization we partner with, we welcome clients from any type of organization.

Our Marketing Philosophy

You already develop and offer great products and services that deliver what your customers want. Let us help you take your industry marketing strategy to the next level.

At Entertainment® CMS, we help build your business by delivering impactful, innovative and effective marketing solutions that drive customers to your doors and continue to bring them back again and again, while delivering a positive return on your investment.

Additional Industries – Solutions in Action

  • Rewards & Incentives: A regional government planning agency reduced vehicle emissions and traffic congestion by driving ongoing engagement and participation in rideshare programs.
  • Loyalty & Retention: A popular vehicle telematics provider offers local deals as a value-add to their subscribers. The offers are provided enroute as an added benefit while using navigation services.
  • Acquisition & Membership: An international timeshare company utilizes Entertainment® benefits to upsell memberships from Basic to Gold and Platinum levels. This successful program has been in place for more than 25 years.

These are just a few of the many Fortune 1000 companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with.