Printed discounts still a major draw for customers

Considering the heavy influence that advanced technology has had on the business world, some companies may feel as if going digital is their only option. Whether it’s providing more convenient online customer service or creating a mobile app, many businesses are likely to focusing their efforts in this realm. However, it’s important that marketers don’t forget that when it comes to inspiring loyalty, the Internet isn’t the only answer. In fact, even though today’s consumers have access to a wide range of technological tools, they still often opt to take advantage of more traditional options for saving money and receiving rewards. This makes printed discounts a valuable component of any rewards program.

Coupons are a popular option
According to a recent survey by Linkable Networks, many Americans are still enthusiastic about redeeming coupons when making purchases. In fact, 95 percent of Americans use these savings solutions while shopping, while 73 percent asserted that they use coupons at least a couple of times each month. Additionally, 78 percent of respondents said that they clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper, which may indicate that the interest in printed deals is still high among consumers.

“Our society continues to be deal savvy,” said Tom Burgess, CEO of Linkable Networks. “As we emerge from an unstable economy, I think we all learned the value of stretching the dollar as far as we can and one way to do that is to seek out coupons, promotions and deals. Our research shows that consumers are using multiple sources to simplify and streamline their shopping experience and save money along the way.”

Constant Contact noted that in another survey, Prospectiv discovered that 95 percent of respondents clip or print coupons, and more than 62 percent do so more than once per week. The rate at which they redeem these deals is also strong, with slightly more than half (51 percent) reporting that they use close to all of the coupons they acquire. For marketers, this means that incorporating printed coupons as rewards in their loyalty-building or acquisition efforts is a highly efficient strategy in terms of engaging consumers in their loyalty.

In addition, Constant Contact emphasized the fact that coupons are excellent for establishing ongoing loyalty. These rewards makes clients feel special and in the process, the business-customer relationship becomes stronger. And while they redeem their discounts, these individuals are likely to have the business that supplied them on their minds, especially when custom, branded options are used.

Offering printed discount solutions as rewards to customers is a strong tactic for any marketer looking to develop loyalty or acquisition programs that will be indispensable to the companies that leverage them. Printed coupons can improve ROI by increasing the rate of repeat business and demonstrating clear value to consumers looking to develop ties with brands that can offer them more than just great products and services. Discounts that are convenient to redeem and provide deals on everyday activities are a major draw for today’s consumers, and it’s time for marketers to truly harness the power of this interest.

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