Choosing the right personalized email program for your customers

Today, many consumers’ email inboxes are cluttered with marketing messages. Companies frequently request customers’ contact information in order to send them reward offers and other communications, but oftentimes, these offers end up falling flat. But doesn’t everyone love a good deal? It turns out, while email has the potential to boost customer retention and loyalty, marketers must be careful that they are still sending out highly targeted and relevant rewards through these channels.

Why personalize
According to Upstart Business Journal, a recent study by Custora found that email is emerging as one of the most important acquisition marketing tools. While the top method of acquisition was organic search at 9.82 percent, email did not trail by far, driving 6.84 percent of traffic.

The source reported that the primary reason for the successful role email is beginning to play in acquisition marketing is that more businesses are personalizing their messages.

“This means of engaging with customers is more sophisticated, directly incorporating data findings of shopping trends and habits to help impact messaging style, discounts and giveaways, and other specificities to make an email that much more enticing and relevant to customers,” Aaron Goodman, lead data scientist at Custora, told the source. “This relevancy helps offer customers what they want, as well as draw back fleeing users.”

Additionally, Sundeep Kapur, director of strategic e-commerce marketing at electronic company NCR Corporation, told Direct Marketing News that marketers must be cautious to engage in email campaigns that feature real personalization. Kapur noted that while some brands think addressing recipients by name is key, it isn’t nearly as critical as making sure the offers within are relevant and insightful, based on the customer’s preferences and past activity.

How to choose
When crafting a personalized email program, companies must keep Kapur’s advice in mind: It’s essential to choose marketing solutions that can offer greater customization than just plugging in personal data. Instead, these initiatives must leverage deeper understandings of what is meaningful to a particular customer.

To this end, one strong option to look for is an email program that can feature valuable rewards such as coupons and discounts to merchants based on the recipient’s location. If customers can see how they can gain an immediate advantage from clicking through a message, they are much more likely to do so. When they see they are receiving rewards that are personalized at the local level, customers will respond positively.

Whether a company wants to offer better loyalty rewards, thank people for a purchase or generate more likes on Facebook, personalized email can play a critical role in helping the business reach these goals while standing out and keeping customer engagement high.

Photo by RaHuL Rodriguez